The Arizona Meditation Research Interest Group (AMRIG) promotes the integration of cutting-edge science and traditional contemplative practices. We seek to enhance scientific understanding of contemplative practices found throughout the world, to encourage ongoing research efforts focused on contemplative science, and to serve as a venue for conversation between scientists, academic scholars, and meditation teachers and practitioners. AMRIG is a non-profit organization led by an interdisciplinary group of graduate students at the University of Arizona, and is recognized by ASUA.

Our current offerings include:

  • Periodic meetings at which preliminary results of research by our members is shared, new developments in contemplative science are discussed, and students and faculty can get feedback on their research and evaluation projects.
  • Consultation for organizations and individuals planning to begin research or evaluation of contemplative programming.
  • Free weekly mindfulness meditation and yoga classes open to University students, staff and faculty.
  • An annual Student Wellness Conference for undergraduate and graduate students (offered in collaboration with the ConfluenCenter).
  • A travel grant for UA students and post docs to attend conferences about contemplative topics.

AMRIG is also on Facebook. You can connect with us at facebook.com/azmeditationresearch.